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The First Wedding

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Our First wedding together was actually not even our wedding! Claudia and I both met because we were both bridesmaids. The bride was my cousin and her very close friend or as Claudia would call her, “Chica”.

It is actually quite funny how the universe works, if you rewind 3 years from when we “met”, our paths crossed for the first time at Chica’s big birthday bash. Of course Claudia will say she doesn’t remember me at all. I remember how she strolled in with so much confidence as if she had nothing else on her mind except to make sure my cousin had a memorable Birthday getting drunk. Funny thing is, I was so jealous of this new friend my cousin was spending so much time with. Who was she anyway arriving as if she was auditioning for Americas next top model; like okay, this is just a birthday party, we aren’t at the club. To top it, it felt like the only thing she knew how to say was, “lets get more OJ” to take a tequila shot.

Needless to say, I left no impression for her to even remember we were at this same event.

Here we were three years later in the same bridal party and I thought, well as long as she doesn’t ask for orange juice this time, we should be fine. I would finally get to hang out with this “OJ girl” and maybe give her a second chance, because no one comes in and takes my favorite cousin from me. We both made it a point to make sure the bachelorette party was a memorable night while competing at who was a better bridesmaid. Instead we discovered that we had many things in common, from our sarcastic sense of humor, to our strong desire to travel the world, and love of food by the end of the nigh we had created what we thought would be a beautiful friendship. I mean after any Girls Night involving alcohol, everyone always leaves with a new best friend, right? Turns out, I didn’t even know that my new best friend was bisexual, until we are both sitting mid wedding meal. She starts talking about her ex GIRLFRIEND! COUGH COUGH! “Hey you alright?” she asked, “yeah, sorry, you know banquet chicken, it can be dry sometimes” as I gave her an awkward smile. Now my mind is racing because what I thought was just nice girl gestures can totally mean that she is into me and even I could be into her?

Our friendship continued we kept in touch, we eventually hung out again it was like we were meant to be. Now this last section I am going to let Claudia finish up our story… I always loved going to Chinatown, so I invited her there one day. I was still talking to an ex girlfriend and also to this guy friend from high school, which I opened up to Alejandra about. She opened up to me about her recent breakup and also about her own curiosity of dating women. Long story short that’s when it hit me, this super awesome girl is into me (my friends always did tell me I was bad at taking hints from people who liked me). While this whole time I was trying to avoid her from thinking that my intention was anything other than being friends. Now here I am facing her, face to face so close; wondering if this is even a good idea. She looks at me in a way I will never forget, and I say, “Are you sure?” and with a nod she says “yes” and… wow. Let me just say that I never, thought this kiss would mean anything, let alone make me feel the way I did. How could this be possible? I thought I already felt this warm feeling (love). Well, let me tell you, I knew nothing! All I knew was that I wanted this. I wanted her. I needed to continue this feeling that made me feel so right, so pure, so genuine. It was one kiss. The rest well, you’ll just have to wait and see.


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