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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Today I Celebrate My 25 Years of Life

I’ve been conflicted because I’ve had the question in my head of what this should entail or feel like. The reality is that it’s more of a feeling. I am grateful for all my life events. I am grateful for those that have touched my heart and have also taught me what I do and don’t want in my life. I have learned so much and I am thrilled to learn more about the world, those around me, and most importantly my marriage and self. During my 25 years of life I recap on the importance of all that, but mostly the quality of life.

Growing up I learned the words “quality time” and what they meant when were put together. At the time it meant I would spend the day with my mom. It was her undivided attention and it was indeed on a time schedule since she was always a and has always been a busy woman. I would always have the option to choose one of my favorite places. That normally entailed, pizza and or a “boring” museum. I say “boring” because none of my friends were ever as excited to go to a museum as my mom and I. It was always our quality time together.

As I grew into my teen years. I became very confident and believed I knew it all. I knew myself. I knew those around me and who and what they were to me. I had friends here and there, anywhere I’d go. Life was a thrill. I became a fearless and passionate person. I was learning lots about the world. All in all, I also learned what it meant to have quality friends, I soon found myself in a smaller friend circle. It was difficult to realize that not all are who they say they are or not all people are meant to stay in your life forever. I now see that those people gave me their quality time, but It was a friendship with a timeframe in My life. Let’s face it, when you’re a teenager you want to connect with everyone and you might for a brief and happy moments but slowly you outgrow people or vice versa. It’s a learning experience in which you find out which type of people you want in your life (let me tell you during this time there was lots of learning as to would stay or go).

Soon after I found myself here, in my early twenties. I am still passionate, loving and still figuring life out one day at a time(still lots and lots of learning, it never stops). Although my life has changed in many ways, including my fearless mentality,the words “Quality time” are still something I hold on to very tight. As of now, my beautiful wife Alejandra and I work very hard, a lot more than we both could have ever imagined, in order to have a quality life. I have been blessed with a life partner that understands that life is precious and we must work very hard but also enjoy life, she understands my fear that not everyday is promised and we must work on making it the best day possible not only for anyone we encounter or those around us but more so for ourselves.

Twenty five years of life means I spend as much time with those who offer more quality to my life. My only goal in life is to continue to follow “Quality” and create a Quality life not just a time frame of living in quality.

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