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Claudia (right side ) is the kind hearted and selfless one she is the one that reminds us to be thankful and grateful, regardless of any situation. She is also the “Handy lady” who will always attempt to fix anything before we call for help and takes on the role of Doctor if anyone gets sick. Alejandra (left side) is the tenacious and thoughtful one, she is the one that makes sure any goal we set is achieved.  She will remember everything important, birthdays, important dates, bill due dates, you name it. She is our calendar and our planner that keeps us afloat even when times get tough. Zara (english bully) is the attention seeking lovable one of the bunch, who needs to make sure you are aware of her presence in the room. She is the one that knows when something is wrong and is always ready for cuddles to make it all better. Finally, the baby of the house Versace(fierce cat), he is the sour patch of the house. One minute he can be so sweet with his big brown eyes gazing at you, and the next he is scratching up the couch or meowing loudly at 5am. Together we are a group of strong, loving, kind souls with very stubborn ideas who with a little help from each other create big plans.

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