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2021 Update !

Hello everyone!

Yes, we’ve been MIA for a bit but promise it’s only because we are working hard to be more present. Updates on our life, I recently partnered up with @jasonstone aka @millionairementor. I’m learning lots of cool new things about making money online. I honestly love it, I even got Alejandra to join me.

Since I was last on here, Versace and Elvis are now the best of friends. They are inseparable, I’ll make sure to add a picture of them.

Alejandra has been working on some projects of her own too, she actually redesigned and decked out our shed to make me my own studio. She’s always been the best gift giver. She’s super thoughtful when it comes to giving a gift. So you can imagine how excited And grateful I am to have that space for myself now.

I am cooking up something cool and new for this website so please make sure you keep an eye out. Sending you all much love and success this 2021 !




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