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Adding The Sauce

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The sauce is always the key element in any food, so what is the key element to a happy life? That is what we have recently been on the path to figuring out for ourselves. We each have our own secret sauce and we should. My ideal day might not be similar to Alejandra’s, but there is always something “saucier” in either hers or mine depending on the type of day.

Throughout the years, we have convinced ourselves that we couldn’t do routines. Routines are the end of a happy life, if your life consists of a routine then there is no excitement. We went through the years convincing ourselves that the secret was to have no routine in order to be happy. As our relationship evolves and we get older we realize that routines are not so bad. What we did not understand is that we need a balance of healthy routine and unplanned events. Like all recipes there is a set of ingredients and steps to follow according to each meal specification, but who says you can’t add an extra ingredient every once in a while to either spice it up or make it sweeter.

We have both found enjoyment in our morning routines,time for each of us individually or together depending on our moods. In addition, we realized that if we are going to give 9 hours of our life to someone else in exchange for money, we damn well better give OURSELVES time. The sauce is starting to catch a good flavor at this point but we need more.

On our path to creating a morning routine that has helped us both take on the long work day and also keep us energized, we also wonder what it would be like to wake up everyday and choose our type of day. What happens if we could plan our entire day to our choosing, what if it wasn’t governed by someone else! In this new phase of life, we are only able to get a glimpse what it’s like to have complete control over all hours of our day. We must first build a solid routine that will help us achieve it; that which is part of the sauce we can’t get enough of.

So when do we stop wanting more? I think we don’t, we should always strive for more sauce; after all, it’s what makes food like tacos so good! We are the taco. The taco is our life. The sauce is our happiness. So LETS GET SAUCY PEOPLE!


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